Adam Wallen
Chief Executive Officer

Adam Wallen is a proven entrepreneurial talent, with noted successes in Cleantech, MedTech and Healthcare IT. He brings two decades of executive experience, earned at organizations like British Petroleum (BP) and Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), and he has developed and marketed several innovative technology, product and service businesses 

He holds an MBA from The University at Buffalo, and a BS in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University

Tim Heidel
Chief Technology Officer

Tim Heidel has served in energy technology leadership roles in a variety of domains, with 15+ years of experience in academic (MIT), government (U.S. DOE ARPA-E), trade association (NRECA), and private investment (BEV) organizations. He brings a depth of hardware and software experience in utility grid technologies, power electronics, power semiconductor devices, and photovoltaics.

He holds BS, MEng, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Technology Policy from MIT.

Doug Stewart
Chief Commercial Officer

Serial entrepreneur Douglas Stewart has founded six companies in sustainable energy, farming, food, and wine.

In 2011, he launched Wattershed, in pursuit of next-generation transmission. He identified and shepherded innovations from industry, universities, and National Labs that comprised the enabling technologies for long-distance HTS transmission. Stewart assembled the Series Seed $5MM investment syndicate, led by BEV and Congruent Ventures, that acquired Wattershed’s IP and took it forward as VEIR.

Stewart earned his BA and MA degrees from Stanford University with highest honors.

Franco Moriconi
VP Engineering

Franco Moriconi has global experience in utility power systems, superconducting material applications, and renewable energy.

He has 20+ of experience in designing new products and managing product engineering from concept to market launch, at firms such ABB, Bruker, Zenergy Power

He has extensive experience developing technology and products such as HTS superconducting fault current limiters, flow batteries, and microgrids

He holds an MS/BS in Mechanical Engineering at University of California Berkeley.

Steve Ashworth
Lead Scientific Consultant

Steve Ashworth is a scientist/engineer with a 30+ year career primarily focusing on superconductivity and cryogenics and an international expert on HTS power transmission. He is the inventor of  HTS overhead power cables and cryogenic technologies.

He is an author of 80+ papers spanning basic physics, cryogenics, electromagnetics, heat transfer, optics, superconductivity. Steve was previously a Senior scientist at Southampton and Cambridge Universities (UK), Brookhaven and Los Alamos Laboratories (DoE), and Chevron.

He holds a BSc (Math/Physics) from the University of Manchester (UK), a PhD (Physics) from the University of Exeter (UK) and is a Fellow Institute of Physics (UK) and a Chartered Electrical Engineer.

Open Roles at VEIR

Sr. Cryogenic Fluid Systems Engineer

Responsible for building the team to design, implement, and operate VEIR’s liquid nitrogen (LN) storage and fluid delivery systems (including testbeds, demonstrations, and early transmission lines).

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Sr. Electrical Engineer/Physicist (HTS Systems)

Responsible for leading the design, development and testing of VEIR’s high temperature superconductor-based electrical subsystems including HTS cables, cable splices, and line terminations.

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Sr. Electrical Engineer/Physicist (High Voltage Systems)

Responsible for leading the design, development and testing of VEIR’s high voltage equipment and subsystems (including substation equipment, power cables, cable splices, cable terminations, and dielectric insulation systems).

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Sr. Cryogenic Thermal Engineer/Physicist

Responsible for building the team to research, design, develop and test VEIR’s cryogenic thermal management subsystems (including all components responsible for heat exchange).

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