Power blankets the landscape.

Sun, wind, water.

We have energy in abundance.

Renewables from the sunniest, windiest, and wettest places cost less than generating electricity from coal plants and even natural gas plants in many parts of the world. But the best renewable resources lie far from demand centers. Bending the curve on carbon emissions requires matching new generation from renewables with new transmission.

Transmission deployment hasn’t kept up with renewables innovation.

Conventional transmission relies on an ever-expanding physical footprint – higher voltage, taller towers, wide new rights of way.  Over very long distances, a 500kV HVDC transmission loses 10% per 1,000 miles to resistance. Expand those lines to continental scale, and losses hit 30%.


High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) potentially solve transmission challenges

HTS cable can operate at up to 10x the current of conventional wire while maintaining superconductivity. Higher current allows for lower voltage and smaller rights-of-way.

HTS transmission has proven technically viable in grid demonstrations and commercial applications time and time again over the past two decades. Existing HTS systems perform well over short distances, in dense urban centers. But deployment costs have proven too high for HTS to meet its potential as a truly transformative innovation in long-distance, high-power transmission.

Previous HTS cable systems have used subcooled liquid nitrogen to maintain the HTS at operating temperature. Expensive and unreliable subcooling equipment was needed every 5 miles, preventing the development of cost effective, long distance lines.

VEIR Solves the HTS Cooling Challenge

VEIR’s passive evaporative cryogenic cooling delivers 20 times the cooling power per kilogram of nitrogen flow compared to mechanical subcooling. VEIR’s innovations enable reliable, costeffective HTS transmission over very long distances through narrow rightsofway, connecting lowest cost renewable resources to where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

The future isn’t just cleaner — it’s affordable


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